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Rhodes 500

24th January - 26th January 2025.

06:00. Rhodes, Eastern Cape, South Africa


412 km, 7,530 m. Rhodes 500, an extraordinary adventure set in remote and rural landscapes that will challenge your assumptions about history, yourself, and safety. This demanding journey underscores the importance of meticulous planning for accurate resupply, given the exceptionally remote roads. Riders must carry up to 6 L of water and nutrition, considering a potential two-day race/tour strategy. Beginning in the romantic town of Rhodes, the route includes the famous 'TTT' (Tenahead – Tiffindell Traverse), impacting average speeds and requiring strategic resupply decisions. Explore the stunning Mount Fletcher and loop outside before reaching Maclear for a detour filled with added beauty. After a beautiful descent between towns, brace for another loop of extremely rough gravel, testing resilience at an altitude of about 2700 m. Past experiences offer a sense of remoteness, allowing reflection on fuel decisions, whether racing or touring the Rhodes 500. Safety remains paramount in this challenging yet breathtaking adventure. Full route release to riders two weeks before the start date.

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