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Ceres 500

9th August - 11th August 2024. 06:00. Cederberg, Western Cape, South Africa


500kms. Not for the faint-hearted.

🚴‍♂️ Ceres 500: Summit to Sea Adventure Extravaganza! 🚴‍♀️

Prepare to be captivated by the breathtaking allure of the Cederberg mountains and the untamed beauty of the Skeleton Coast in the Ceres 500 – a 500-kilometer self-supported bike-packing race like no other.

🏔️ Summit Start

Our epic journey kicks off in the heart of the majestic Cederberg mountains. Picture yourself amidst towering peaks, rocky outcrops, and lush valleys as you embark on a quest that will test your mettle against the rugged terrain and elevate your biking experience to new heights.

🌅 Dawn in the Mountains

The first leg of the Ceres 500 is a mesmerizing ascent through the Cedarburg wilderness. Witness the sunrise painting the peaks with hues of gold and orange, fueling your spirit as you navigate challenging trails and conquer the undulating landscapes that define the soul of this unique race.

🚴‍♀️ Coastal Connection 

Around the 200-kilometer mark, brace yourself for a dramatic shift in scenery as you descend from the mountainous haven to the untamed allure of the Skeleton Coast. The transition is not just geographical; it's a transformation from the serenity of the mountains to the raw power of the coastal wilderness.

🌊 Power of the West Coast

Feel the exhilarating rush of coastal winds as you approach the Skeleton Coast. The crashing waves and expansive beaches become your new battleground, challenging your riding skills and offering a dynamic contrast to the earlier mountainous terrain.

Strategic Resupply

As you navigate this diverse landscape, your resupply points become pivotal in managing your race strategy. Solo riders and pairs/tourers alike will find solace in these oases, which are few and far between, crucial for replenishing resources and preparing for the challenges that lie ahead.

🌄 Return to the Summit

After conquering the coastal stretch, riders loop back towards the Cederberg mountains, creating a thrilling round-trip experience. The return journey is a testament to your endurance, with the peaks serving as a beacon guiding you back to where it all began.

🏁 Finish Amidst Mountain Majesty

Cross the finish line surrounded by the grandeur of the Cederberg mountains, where every pedal stroke is a triumph over the elements, and every kilometer conquered is etched into the landscape. The Ceres 500 is not just a race; it's a transformative journey from summit to sea.

🌟 Join the Ceres 500 and embrace the challenge of a lifetime – where mountains meet the coast, and every mile tells a story of triumph and adventure!