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Ceres 500

9th August - 11th August 2024. 06:00. Ceres, Western Cape, South Africa


This thrilling race promises to take participants on an unforgettable journey through the breathtaking landscapes and rich history of the Cederberg region. Nestled amidst the stunning scenery of the Cederberg Mountains, the Ceres 500 Bike-packing Race offers participants a unique opportunity to traverse rugged terrain, conquer challenging elevations, and immerse themselves in the fascinating tales of the Koi San people who have called this land home for centuries.

From ancient cave dwellings to tales of oceanic activity shaping the mountain ranges, the Cederberg region is steeped in a rich tapestry of cultural heritage and natural wonders.

No exploration of the Cederberg would be complete without a mention of the legendary Clamwillian Dam. As participants traverse the rugged terrain of the Cederberg, they'll have the opportunity to conquer the famed Dasklip Pass—a marvel of engineering and ingenuity proudly built by local farmers. With its winding switchbacks and breathtaking vistas overlooking the Westwood coast, Dasklip Pass promises to be a highlight or lowlight, of the race

Spanning a challenging 520 kilometers with a total elevation gain of 6450 meters, Ceres 500 is not for the faint of heart. But for those brave enough to take on the challenge, the rewards are boundless—stunning scenery, rich cultural heritage, and the exhilarating sense of accomplishment that comes from pushing your limits in the great outdoors.

In the 19th century, the Cederberg Mountains attracted a new wave of explorers, including settlers, missionaries, and prospectors, eager to uncover the region's potential for agriculture, mining, and trade. These pioneers braved the rugged terrain and harsh climate of the mountains, establishing settlements and trading posts along the way.

During this time, the Cederberg Mountains also became a haven for outlaws and bandits, who sought refuge in the remote valleys and hidden caves of the region. Tales of hidden treasures and secret hideouts only added to the allure of the mountains, attracting adventurers from far and wide.



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Route Highlight

"Classic Cederberg Gravel" is an ideal destination for explorers who are looking for something extra

Riders might have the Cederberg on their bucket list. Pushing yourself over a less-ridden road in the middle of the night requires courage and bravery.

Privately Built Pass

Dasklip pass is a 6.56km climb at 7.1% with an elevation gain of 467m.





Sneaky and Cheeky segments to keep riders on their toes

If you want a polished route with water stops and free massages, please stay away from this race. You might feel that farms and dogs don't want you around. You'll need your light to see where you are going, but you might want to keep it on low. 

Gravalist Race Manual

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