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23rd May 2025. 06:00. King's Lynn, Norfolk, United Kingdom

In the heart of the UK lies Norfolk, a land steeped in tales of ancient lore and brimming with captivating history. Brace yourself for an exhilarating journey that will lead you through Norfolk's enchanting landscapes, where every twist and turn presents a new challenge, both on and off the beaten path.

Venture into the depths of Norfolk's past, tracing its rich tapestry of history back to the lower Paleolithic period. Here, amidst the rolling countryside, lies one of the world's oldest roads, a relic from the Roman era that whispers stories of ancient civilizations and bygone eras.

But Norfolk's allure doesn't end with its storied past, it's a land shrouded in mystery and legend. Beware the infamous Black Shuck, a spectral hound said to roam Peddars Way, its piercing gaze capable of leading unsuspecting souls into darkness. Will you dare to brave the shadows and face the legend head-on?

Embark on an unforgettable adventure into the heart of this untouched gem, where the echoes of history mingle with the whispers of the supernatural. Few have dared to traverse Norfolk's winding paths to their end, but for those bold enough to accept the challenge, an experience awaits that will both thrill and haunt, leaving indelible tales in its wake. Are you prepared to answer the call of Norfolk's untamed beauty?


Embark on a breathtaking journey through Norfolk's enchanting landscapes, tracing a path from the historic town of King's Lynn to the picturesque seaside haven of Hunstanton. As the sun kisses the horizon, we set out along the coastal route, where the salty breeze carries whispers of adventure and discovery.

Continuing along our coastal pilgrimage, we find ourselves amid the sprawling estate of Holkham Hall, its majestic architecture and sprawling parklands offering a glimpse into Norfolk's storied past. As we pedal on the tranquil beauty of the Norfolk coast unfolds before us, guiding our path to the iconic town of Cromer, where the echoes of seafaring tales mingle with the cries of seagulls. 

Leaving the coast behind, we venture inland, traversing the serene countryside to the historic town of Bury St. Edmunds, where medieval charm meets modern allure. From there, our route leads us to the ancient town of Thetford, its ancient ruins and lush woodlands offering a tranquil respite from our journey.

But our adventure is far from over as we join the ancient Peddars Way, a path steeped in history and legend that winds its way through Norfolk's timeless landscape. Following in the footsteps of ancient travelers, we make our way back to the regal splendor of Sandringham, where the echoes of royalty linger in the air.

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Route Highlight

Sandringham Estate

Sandringham, one of the most iconic locations in the UK, holds a special allure as the summer retreat of the royal family, serving as a place of respite and reflection for the monarch. Visitors flock to this majestic estate not only to admire the stately home itself but also to wander through its meticulously manicured gardens, hoping for a chance encounter with a member of the royal family.

For those seeking adventure and exploration, a ride through the surrounding landscape offers a unique perspective on this royal enclave. As cyclists embark on their journey, they are treated to glimpses of Sandringham House, passing its grand gates not once, but twice both at the beginning and end of this ride. 

The route, carefully curated to showcase the beauty of the estate, offers two distinct experiences: one, an off-road path winding through verdant woodlands and rolling hills. The other, a scenic road journey that meanders through quaint villages and picturesque landscapes, providing a glimpse into the rural charm of Norfolk.

The Peddars Way

Peddars Way is a historic long-distance trail in Norfolk, UK, tracing back to Roman times. Stretching approximately 46 miles from Suffolk to the North Norfolk coast, it follows the route of an ancient Roman road, offering walkers a journey through diverse landscapes including countryside, heathland, and forests.

Legend has it that Peddars Way is haunted by the spectral hound known as the Black Shuck, a phantom dog with piercing red eyes. Tales of encounters with this mysterious creature have been woven into Norfolk folklore for centuries, with sightings reported along the trail and in nearby villages. According to legend, encountering the Black Shuck is an omen of impending doom, striking fear into those who dare to cross its path.

Despite its eerie reputation, Peddars Way remains a popular destination for hikers and history enthusiasts alike, inviting visitors to explore its ancient route while contemplating the enduring mysteries of the Norfolk countryside.





Holkham Hall

Holkham Hall, located on the north coast of Norfolk, England, is a magnificent stately home renowned for its grandeur, architectural beauty, and expansive estate. Built in the 18th century by Thomas Coke, the 1st Earl of Leicester, the hall stands as a prime example of Palladian architecture, designed by the architect William Kent.

The hall's exterior boasts a stunning facade with majestic columns and intricate detailing, while its interior showcases opulent rooms adorned with fine art, exquisite furnishings, and intricate woodwork. Visitors to Holkham Hall can explore its state rooms, including the Marble Hall, the Saloon, the Library, and the magnificent Dining Room, each offering a glimpse into the grandeur of aristocratic life during the Georgian era.

Surrounding the hall is the sprawling Holkham Estate, encompassing thousands of acres of parkland, woodlands, and wetlands. The estate features a diverse range of habitats, making it a haven for wildlife and a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts. Visitors can enjoy leisurely walks, cycling trails, and nature reserves, as well as guided tours of the hall and its gardens.