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Cape Hope 500

11th October - 13th October 2024.

Cape Town, South Africa.  We'll commences at the statue of Desmond Tutu, located at the V&A Waterfront,


500 kilometers—an endeavor not for the faint-hearted. Reserved for the experienced and adventurous souls




Cape Hope 500 

Get ready for a biking experience like no other - the Cape Hope 500, an unsupported ultra bikepacking race that will take you on a journey through history and challenge your limits.


🌾 Journey Through Farmlands: The Scenic North East 


Heading northeast of Cape Town, the landscape transforms into a breathtaking patchwork of lush farmlands. It's here that the Cape Hope 500 takes shape, amidst the natural beauty of the region. With every pedal, you'll experience the serene majesty of nature.


🏔️ Conquer the Challenge: Kloof Mountain Pass 


Bainskloof Pass, or "ravine" in Dutch, stands as one of the race's most daunting challenges. As you ascend and descend its winding path, imagine the determination of those who built it. Their sweat and toil carved the way for your adventure.


🌬️ Battling the South-Easter Wind: Nature's Fury 


And what's an adventure without facing the elements? Brace yourself for the South-Easter wind, a formidable force that blows away from the mountain. It will test your mettle, but it's also part of what makes the Cape Hope 500 an unforgettable experience.


🚴‍♂️ Calling All Adventurers: Dare to Ride 


We've designed the Cape Hope 500 for the boldest and most avid cyclists. We've crafted a journey through history, nature, and personal limits. This race may just be the toughest challenge Cape Town has ever seen.

Are you ready to take on the Cape Hope 500? Your ultimate biking adventure awaits. Join us in making history and pushing your limits in a race like no other. This is more than just a race; it's an experience of a lifetime.





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