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In the world of business, where everyone's trying to stay ahead of the competition, there's a valuable lesson to be learned from The Economist: "Leadership is best learned outside the office, or an unfamiliar environment can expose weaknesses and forge new strengths." Source (Apple Podcast). That unfamiliar environment could well be the world of ultra-distance cycling, where leaders can uncover unique lessons while having a hilariously good time.

A Journey Beyond Comfort Zones

Picture your boss in lycra, pedalling for dear life in an ultra-distance cycling event that spans hundreds of miles. You're not in Sandton anymore. These races demand more than physical stamina; they require mental toughness, adaptability, and the ability to look stylish in spandex.

Endurance and Persistence

Leaders often need to endure endless meetings and persist through corporate bureaucracy, but ultra-distance cycling takes endurance to a new level. Riders learn to push through physical and mental fatigue, turning into real-life Energizer bunnies. They develop persistence that can only be achieved by pedalling through rain, shine, and occasional bird droppings.

Decision-Making Under Pressure

In the world of ultra-distance cycling, you'll find leaders making decisions under pressure—pressure from elements like rain, wind, and that horrifyingly steep hill up ahead. Riding uphill while pondering the meaning of life can be quite a character-building experience.

Balancing Competitiveness and Sportsmanship

Picture your boss trying to outrace a competitor, then running out of food due to a small planning mishap. It's like watching a sitcom with a surprise twist in every episode. Ultra-distance cycling teaches leaders that while competition is important, there's a special place in the heart for good old sportsmanship.


Ultra-distance cycling isn't just a race; it's a journey of self-discovery, personal growth, and, let's admit it, some hilariously embarrassing moments in Lycra. The challenges on the open road are a powerful catalyst for personal and professional growth. The ability to endure, persist, and make decisions under pressure can make your boss a better leader—and a better comedian.

So, the next time your boss considers a leadership development opportunity, suggest they trade their office chair for a bike saddle and embark on the wacky adventure of ultra-distance cycling. They'll pedal toward personal and professional growth, one hilarious mile at a time.

Post by Rider
Nov 9, 2023 5:50:00 AM
Gravalist. Gravel Purist.