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When it comes to the Gravalist we have a lot of routes which span in many countries. Unfortunately we cannot be local experts of everywhere so we rely on other cyclists on the ground to showcase the best of their region. All of our routes come from endurance cyclists on the ground getting them ready and are tested prior to the event. Many of our amazing riders ask us if they could great a route for an event and we are happy to accept applications. 

These routes that get created also not just are added to the website and our ultra cycling calendar but we also offer compensation to the creator of the route. This come in many forms and you can see a personal return for your help in assisting us in making special memories and challenges for other cyclists. See the criteria below to ensure you can be an excellent route builder. 




1. **Experience in Ultra Backpacking**: We value individuals who have first-hand experience in ultra backpacking, as it demonstrates a strong understanding of endurance activities and outdoor exploration. Your familiarity with long-distance trekking in varied terrain will be invaluable in supporting our ultra-cycling events.

2. **Having Built Over 20 Safe Routes**: Your expertise in crafting safe and enjoyable routes is crucial in ensuring the success of our cycling events. Building over 20 safe routes showcases your proficiency in route planning, risk assessment, and ensuring the well-being of participants throughout their journey.

3. **Being Part of a Cycling Group with More Than Four Riders**: Your active involvement in a cycling group with a substantial number of riders speaks volumes about your passion for the sport and your ability to collaborate effectively within a team. Your experience in group dynamics and ride coordination will greatly contribute to the smooth operation of our events.

4. **Possessing Resources to Fulfill Additional Criteria**: Having the resources necessary to meet additional criteria demonstrates your commitment and capability to go above and beyond expectations. Whether it's equipment, time, or other support, your readiness to contribute ensures that we can deliver exceptional experiences to participants and volunteers alike.

We appreciate individuals who embody these qualities and invite you to join our volunteering team, where your skills and dedication will play a vital role in the success of our events. Check out the pathfinders form below to see what details are required.