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500km. Self-geondersteun. Dit beteken geen hulpstasies, geen roete-merkings nie. Jy kry 'n roete GPX-lêer en jy ry dit jou eie manier. Twee klasifikasies. Eensame ryers, Groepe/Toer. Probeer om die eensame rekord te breek, of toer dit voor die afkaptyd


Deur die uitdagings wat jy tydens die ultralange-uithouvermoë-ervaring ervaar het, wat was die mees verrassende ontdekking wat jy oor jouself gemaak het?

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64 hours 34 min. Tim didn't make the 59 hour cut-off for the Sedgefield @Gravalist Series 500 , but soldiered on to the end. A little flask of whiskey and a cigar went with, so he could celebrate his 72nd birthday on Saturday, all by his lonesome self, on a rock, watching the sunset over Africa. A big thank you to the race organizers, it’s a spectacular route and definitely worth an honourable first place on every cyclist’s bucket list.

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Tim van Coller
64 hours. 34 Mins
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When you are ready to quit you’ve only given 30%. Rule #5 is all you need (& maybe some good nutrition 😅)
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Lance Williams
Sedgefield 500
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I’m a bit deep into this now for too much new self discovery but still found a little bit of new ability to set a goal and chase a plan, for 22hrs.

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Kevin 'Benky'
Winner 2024
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Answer layer

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Jono Botha
2nd Place, 2024